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Providing a quality of life and education to the rural areas of Ghana


Who are Seeway?

Seeway Trust was set up in 1997 and became involved with a Children’s home in Ghana in 2000. Since the then the Trust has been involved with building two children’s homes and three schools. The first two schools have been given to local organisations to run and the third will continue to be supported through the Trust.


Who is the driving force

See who is the force behind Seeway trust and the education they provide.

The trustees, volunteers, the teachers and anyone else who is involved 


How we built a school

See the blood, sweat and tears. 

The joy and fun we had building it


A Travellers tale.

The Warren's are a family that spent their holiday in Ghana, they travelled to the villages and met the locals.

Read their fascinating individual insights of their holiday


Why Donate? Well here are some interesting comparisons:

The average person could easily spend up to £3.00 on a Costa Coffee, anything between £1.99 to £4.50 on a pint of beer. 20 cigarettes will cost at least £8 or a mobile phone contract will cost somewhere between £7 and £70/ month.

To give a child a good future and solid education can cost as little as £10/month. Now you may understand how little an impact it could have on your life and how easy it could be to improve another life.

An African lady once said "I don't want to eat alone" as all she wanted was to share her love with someone else.


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